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My Top 4 Most Useful Apps as a Travel Blogger This Year

My Top 4 Most Useful Apps as a Travel Blogger This Year

Motivation for the Article: My most Useful Apps

I had a mishap with my phone a few days back and all my date got wiped out, like every single thing, well save my contacts. However fast forward to today and I logged into google, rediscovered google photos and that has motivated me to write this post


when I first got my current phone, it didn’t have enough space, so I started backing up my photos before I got a memory card to make up for the space I needed. Its getting to 2 years and trust me I totally forgot about backing up my photos until this mishap happened.

Google photos is bae! It backs up and organises your photos according to dates, stylises them, makes collages, animations, videos, Gosh! And space is not a problem. I love that you can access your photos via phone or tablet or computer and the best thing of all, its free. So if you usually use your phone to take pictures every now and then, Google photos is one app that could come in handy.


Saving amateur designers since 2008. It has templates for every design you can think of, the pictures are also unlimited. You can use the app on your phone or laptop and its free. Canva is original first bae. I’m just all over Google photos right now, cause all my pictures I thought were lost have been saved.


For all of you without a sense of direction, haha! Okay, I’m included. Honestly even in my village, (okay, that’s too far-fetched, the city I live in) I use Google maps, talk less of travelling to another person’s town/city.


I am still discovering the wonders of Instagram. I am a lazy sharer of my posts. So honestly, I love that I can share pictures and use tags, which help people find me and posts. Anyway, I had to add one more app to make this 4. I would add google translate, but I haven’t had much need for this throughout the year.

Oya, come and go and follow us, here !!

Voila! Those are my top 4 most useful apps as a travel blogger this year so far.

I was in a really breezy mood, hence the writing style of this post.

Which are your favourite apps as blogger or traveller. I would like to hear your opinions in the comments section. Enjoy!!!

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