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How to Travel Light : Tips and its Advantages

How to Travel Light : Tips and its Advantages

Travelling light is an art for which anyone who falls into the category of frequent traveller needs to master, not just frequent travellers, but everyone as its an advantage in many ways. In this article I will be writing a few pointers and tricks to help lighten your luggage and let you have a stress free and comfortable travel. Most of what I’ll be writing will be more applicable for those going on temporary trips, trips lasting about a month or less.


On Bags

  1. If your bag weighs 20% or more of your allowed weight- ditch it. I mean your empty bag, just by itself, no matter how beautiful it is, you don’t need it if its heavy all by itself.
  2. Get a smaller size bag, the bigger your bag, the more you want to fill it up.
  3. Use fold-able bags: If you need to take an extra bag, handbag for your trip, invest in foldables ones. Shopper bags are of all sizes and different designs, am sure you would find one that suits you. Also, a fold-able big bag may come in handy especially when you need a big bag on just one leg of your journey.
  4. If you run out of clothes, try washing where you are at.

On Clothes

  1. Ditch the clothes – seriously, you don’t need so many clothes. Are you going for a fashion parade? or do you sell clothes for a living? even still, posting them is an option. Practice washing wherever you’re going to, also, having less clothes actually gives you a reason to go shopping for one or two clothing items, which could also serve as souvenirs
  2. Still on Clothes: the few ones you pack, should be light, wearable, any occasion friendly. Or get a scarf to tweak your style when you need to.
  3. Still on Clothes: Invest in a multipurpose jacket, winter or autumn jacket. And that jacket needs to be on you, it should be a part of your dressing, flying in or out. It doesn’t need to go in the bag.
  4. You need one great pair of shoes – one that goes with everything and you’re settled. You don’t need flipflops, chances are high of you getting a free one or cheaper ones where you are going to.
  5. Pack neatly or not, Is there a way to pack to lighten your load? not too sure about this one. Just pack less!

On Food

  1. When in Rome, be like the Romans. This is for all my fellow citizens of planet earth who must bring back food from home. Are you going on exile? never to return? Not taking some home food might make you more open to accepting the food where you are going to, cause then you have really no choice. You’ll go back home sometime, then you can savour home food all you want, you become even more appreciative of it.
  2. As for snacks, you could take a few if you wont get on the plane free of charge. Otherwise, if its a long distance journey, ask for an extra bottle of water on the plane and even extra snacks, you’ll be surprised. Otherwise, buy snacks where you are going to.


  1. Keep those hotel toiletries! small sized cream, soap, shampoo, bath gel, you’ll need them on your next 1-2 day trip. Also, you know the hotel should replace them for everyday you stay right? yeah, but don’t be like ‘Ross in friends.’
  2. Invest in small sizes, the hand luggage toiletries’ allowance for most airlines (usually 100 to 150 ml per liquid item)
  3. Depending on where you are going to, it might be way cheaper to get them there, if its a really long distance trip, you could even get them in the plane, free of charge, together with a nice toiletry bag even.
  4. Don’t take any! If you’re going to your parents for example. For me If I am going to any relatives at all or anyone I consider a friend, nah, am not bringing toiletries. Its the test of our friendship, okay not the toothbrush, but yeah toothpaste, shower gel e.t.c 😀

On Others

  1. Personally, I love hard copy books. But yeah, invest in e-copies. It’ll really lighten your load. I need to learn this one too.
  2. Travel pillows, hmm. Are they really necessary? your choice.
  3. If its only a few days, do you really need your laptop? Depending on what your work is, there might just be a phone app, online work space for whatever you need your laptop for or not! Do your homework.

Advantages of Travelling Light

  • You actually have space for souvenirs on your return trip
  • You are free of all that hassle at airport security and the check in desk. Goodness, I thought only Nigerians had luggage issues, mostly because am Nigerian and we have so many jokes about the problems we face at the airport, but I’ve seen so many persons from other races argue with airport officials about how their luggage is just 4 or 5 cm over the limit and seen people put on 5-6 pieces of clothing just to lighten their luggage.
  • It  makes your travelling, roaming around stress free. Especially when arriving to new destinations, getting lost is more likely to be an adventure than a headache if you have lighter luggage.
  • Too much/heavy luggage makes you an easy target for thieves. Travel lighter
  • Light luggage makes navigating public transport easier. You also save cost of using taxi fares
  • You have little or no muscle cramps. This is for all of us who never lift weights, and when your bag doesn’t have those wheels, ‘you gon exercise’. If you aren’t taking a taxi, ah if the escalator or lift at where you are going to is not working , ‘you gon exercise’ You experience the arm soreness afterwards don’t you?
  • The plane get to burn less fuel,  less pollution on planet earth. lol! I heard this from a comedy, need to verify 😀 If you know it to be true, please let us know

And that’s it people. You may agree with some of the advice, some of it might be too shameful for you, don’t do it if you aren’t too confident. This is what works for me, if you have any other tips feel free to share with us by commenting, or write me a message and we could upgrade this post next time.

Citizens of the world and fellow travellers, many cheers to you!

2 thoughts on “How to Travel Light : Tips and its Advantages”

  • Interesting post. It is said, “if you wish to travel far and fast, travel light “. This does not apply to emotional baggage alone but physical baggage as well. As regards clothes I laughed when I read the words “are you going for a fashion parade or do you sell clothes for a living “. To think I don’t even get to wear all the clothes I travel with. I always take my toiletries, just my philosophy. I recently started going all out for e-books and I was like “why didn’t I start this earlier “? Reading from paper is cool but when you have to carry the book(s) on a trip,not funny.

    Keep writing “travel girl “… Cheers!!!

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