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Happy New Year!!! Update

One reason I love a NEW YEAR is because its a time to let go, to start a new, reconcile with enemies, stop keeping malice, check in on relatives. Sure, you can say, “ah but you can do that every other day,” right?? Yeah but every other day isn’t the first days of the new year, accept it.

Well, all this long story is to apologize to you my readers. Am sorry I’ve been missing in action, I have no excuses. Truly I have not had a laptop or tablet, but that shouldn’t have stopped me. I apologize for my tardiness.

Hehe Happy New Year!!!

May 2017 be filled with pleasant surprises for us all!

Henceforth I will endeavour to post more and if I cannot for any reason at all, I wont leave you hanging.

Happy New Year Everyone!!

P.S I might be posting without pictures for a while, am still using my phone and almost went crazy trying to add some pictures to this post, so let’s all endure for a while.. Cheers 🙂

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