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A Short Interview: Visiting The USA and Canada

A Short Interview: Visiting The USA and Canada

On the blog today we have with us Kemi aka Kemostic who will be telling us in frank and candid words about her visit to the USA and Canada during the summer.

What was your first impression of New York City?

New york is as busy as they say, no one is waiting for you. Traffic lights are rarely used.

How long did you stay in the US for?

Three weeks

What was your first lesson?

Ah learning the difference between New York City and New York State

It’s a hassle getting a sim card in some countries, was it easy getting a sim card?

Yes it was, I didn’t need a passport to get one

Did you get to see Times Square?

yes. It wasn’t that dramatic. The views are very nice and its quite busy. I got tired of the place quite fast.



How about Food?

Don’t go to Mcdonalds.


What other States did you visit and what did you get to see?

Newyork, Washington DC, Maryland, Virginia, Atlanta. In DC, I visited the White House, it was okay! In Maryland I went to six flags with friends, one word for it, adrenaline. In Atlanta, I visited World of Coke, you could taste all the beverages that Coca cola makes. In one word, it was amazing!









what did you dislike about The States?

Paying Tax!

What was your general overview of the US?

A land of independence and opportunities

Any tips or advice for people like me who’d want to visit some day?

1.There is a tax on everything, but remember to keep your receipts and you could get a tax refund at the airport when leaving.

2. get familiar with the North-south orientation. It’ll help you when trying to get directions

And you also Visited Canada right? for how long?

Yes, for three weeks

What was your general impression of Canada?

More reserved and very quiet

What cities could you visit?

Toronto and Edmonton



What did you see in Toronto?

CN Tower

Ahh CNN Tower?

No, CN Tower

Ahh You went to Cartoon Network tower?

Lol, no the CN stands for Canadian National, its the third tallest tower in the world. Next to it is Ripley’s aquarium which I was also able to visit


How was Edmonton?

It was more of chilling

At Aldo's
At West Edmonton Mall


If you had to pick just one between the US and Canada to visit again before the year runs out, which would it be?




Besides Canada and USA, what other countries have you been to?

Nigeria, Ghana, Togo, Benin Republic, Hungary, Slovakia, Austria, England, Czech Republic

What other advice would you have for travelers in general?

Cherish your friendships and connections. Having someone you know in a city makes it easier for you to want to visit there.

This is a case of ordinary people traveling. Kemi is an honest, persistent, can be annoying type of friend and is also a final year medical student. This is just the small gist of her travels. What I took away from the interview was the part about cherishing your friendships. In almost all her travels, she told me it was easier because there was a friend somewhere. I am glad she made this post possible, hopefully we’ll see more of her on the blog in the future. I hope you all enjoyed reading!

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