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Abuja: Shehu Musa Yar’Adua Exhibition

Abuja: Shehu Musa Yar’Adua Exhibition


The Shehu Musa Yar adua center was built in 2002, it is located in Wuse, in the same area as Silverbird, the National Council for arts and yeah somewhat around the National Mosque.

The center also has a library, am not sure if it has internet access, but registration for use is 10000 Naira per 12 months. Its open from 8am-5pm on weekdays and entry to see the exhibition is free.  It also has some conference rooms and a branch office for the American university of Nigeria in Yola.

If you aren’t mobile, you will have to take a taxi, just tell the driver,  Shehu Yar adua centre, if that doesn’t strike a bell, saying its next to Silverbird will do the trick.

On getting to the centre,  you just need to mention your intention at the gate and you would be directed to the right place.


The exhibition was pretty good. Yes!

All of it is about the life and legacy of the late Shehu Musa Yaradua, and it incorporates all the major happenings in his lifetime, with vivid pictures and illustrations which include, the Nigerian civil war, the handover of regimes, and has corners dedicated to other important icons such as ken Saro wiwa, an internationally acclaimed author and human right activist.

The outlook into Shehu’s life is a short lesson in Nigeria’s history, it all goes to show how much this man was involved in serving the country.

One of Shehu’s quote strikes a chord for the Nigerian who strives to be patriotic, this he said regarding his unjust imprisonment,

“It is the sacrifice some of us must make for our country to be free” and am thinking, yeah! how patriotic, but Sir, Aunty, honey, It is really too costly. And it’s difficult to fight for freedom especially when we are not being oppressed by a foreign entity, the country is not moving forward because of our own countrymen and tribal men and people like me who really don’t want to sweat it. Am sorry this has turned into a political sermon.

Am not discouraging my fellow compatriots from being patriotic, I just want you to know that its not rice and beans, and you are gonna ‘werk’, ‘werk’, ‘werk’, and “s-a-c-r-i-f-i-c-e”.

The unfinished bridge, it quietly stands there, in front of the building, you walk into the center, you don’t take notice of it going in, then you walk out, and you absolutely have to climb it, It offers a view of the National Mosque, and the surrounding areas. Getting out of the exhibition hall, the artworks on the outside are worth the glance and the nicely sculptured green garden at the back and in front, if not for the sun, might be a great place to linger.

For me, the unfinished bridge doesn’t just signify Shehu Musa Yar Adua’s life, its pretty much Nigeria at the moment. You have to ask yourself, should they have even started anything in the first place? Do you think it better to have an unfinished bridge than to have no bridge at all?

atop the unfinished bridge

Yes, we did spend some time on the unfinished bridge :p

The initiative is pretty great, it was free and entertaining and educative. I hope more people get to see it. The pictures on here, are really just a snippet, there are so many corners and parts of the exhibition that I didn’t take pictures of.


NCAC – National Council for Arts and Culture

The NCAC is right behind the centre. So if you have the time, you should definitely go in for a walk. There’s so many beautiful things to be admired and bought, if you have the money. It’s a colourful and vibrant market place as you see people and artworks from different tribes and cultures all over Nigeria.

I got some of the old naira money, that was awesome seeing all the cool stuff, that people make with their hands. Pretty awesome! Artists rock!

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