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5 Reasons to Visit Museums

5 Reasons to Visit Museums

Museums are rarely hyped, yet they are quite common, mostly cheap and useful. They are like visual libraries, containing a truckload of information and you should pay some attention to them.

To be informed

To know about applied arts, contemporary arts, technology, ethnology, science, cameras, history. |Whatever type of museum you go to, it is never really a waste. Its like an informal way of getting education. If you hated history in school like me, museums kind of make history, art or those weird subjects you would never pay attention to, very interesting

Medgyessy Ferenc Museum, Debrecen, Hungary

To Hang Out

Its a healthy way to while away time.  Honestly with friends, with family, its not every time food and movies. sometimes learn together. You should try it, it feels good to go out of your niche or comfort zone sometimes.

Museum of ethnology, Leiden, Netherlands

To get Inspiration

To be inspired by the work of others. Its just amazing to get a look at the thought patterns of others, to see how they arrived at  a certain result, you could pick an idea from one field and it would totally still be applicable in another field of life or work.

Science museum, London, England

To Appreciate Humanity

Yeah, museums often remind us of how far humanity has come, they keep record of things done, or discovered.  I also love how museums of ethnology especially,  often showcase the peoples and cultures of other countries. You can visit a museum of ethnology in Budapest for example and they have a showcase about Congo, Japan. Like you get a glimpse into the way of life of people on another continent.

In the Qin Shi Huang Terracotta warriors and horses museum, Xian, China

They are Often Affordable

Museums are often affordable or cost nothing at all, especially national museums.  If you are a student or teacher or above the age of 65, anyway, any-who at all, always remember to inquire about these special discounts. Sometimes they don’t write it openly or you don’t see it or its written in another language, so make a conscious decision to ask about discounts yourself.

Osaka museum of housing and living, Osaka, Japan

An extra reason, they are Quiet

Oh my gosh. I almost forgot this reason. Yes, if you are looking for a quiet place to clear your head, not have to talk with people and so on. Try taking stroll in a nearby or local museum. Okay, I guess this might not apply for those really popular ones. Anyway, I love quiet and I can say many of the museums I have visited were awesome and quiet.

Museum of ethnology, Budapest, Hungary. I had an amazing time by myself in this museum one afternoon. It was nice and quiet

I respect and appreciate museums just like libraries because they are keepers of information, and they seek to inform and remind the people of their roots, of other people. They showcase the past, present and future, making things more simplified for us lay persons. And I especially appreciate the workers behind these museums, they don’t put themselves out there, we may never know them and the pay may be very little compared to the work, but they really do a great job, maintaining and updating the museums, making every effort to keep them running.

If you  happen to know a museum employee, thank them for us, say to them, “You do a great job and your labour is not in vain”

I was inspired to write this post because of the night of museums, which is taking place allover Hungary, today, the 24th of June. If you are somewhere in Hungary tonight, don’t miss out on it.

I also have a category for museums on the blog, click here and you can read on the write ups pertaining to museums.

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