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Ten Things You didn’t know about the Ngas Tribe of Plateau

Ten Things You didn’t know about the Ngas Tribe of Plateau

1. The Ngas are an ethnic minority from West Africa, indigenous to the Plateau State of Nigeria. The Ngas people are said to have migrated from the Kanem-Borno empire to the present day Plateau state.


2. An alternate spelling of the Ngas is Angas

3.The Ngas have two dialects, Hill (Gwoza) and Plain (Yil). The Hill Ngas are found in Kanke Local Government Area while the plain Ngas are found in Pankshin Local Government Area of Plateau State.

4. Dances particular to the Ngas are Mostar, Moslun, Mosgwi, Gimai dance.

5.The main festival of the Ngas is Pus-dung, another is the Mos-tar festival.

6. Ngas falls among the first 3 most spoken languages in Plateau state.

7. The traditional ruler’s title is Ngolong Ngas. The current ruler is Nda Wesley Mulak III


8.The traditional cuisine is Mon shwe and Puk furi (Mon shwe is gotten from guinea corn and Puk means soup and furi is the leaf)

9. Some notable persons of Ngas origin include Former Head of state, General Yakubu Gowon and Joseph Dechi Gomwalk, former governor of Benue-Plateau State.

Yakubu Gowon

10.The Ngas people share similarities with other tribes such as Mupun (found mainly in Pankshin), Mwagavul (in Mangu) and Chip.

Contrary to other texts Kerang/Karang and Ngas are not the same. Kerang is the name of a village in Mangu LGA of Plateau state and the language spoken by the people there is Mwagavul.

Some history texts suggests that the Ngas in the plain moved from the hills due to the difficulty they had with cultivating crops. While other texts suggested that some moved to the hills  in order to maintain vigilance against enemies.

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