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10 Reasons to Join a Walking Tour Group

10 Reasons to Join a Walking Tour Group

It’s been more than a month since I visited Amsterdam. On my third day there, I decided to join a group walking tour of Amsterdam. It was free and the hostel I stayed at was one of the start points, so I thought, “hey, why not?” and I really had a great time.

1. It’s mostly free

No harm eh, especially if you aren’t losing any money. On some tours, you could give tips to the tour guide if you were satisfied with the tour and on one tour I was, the guide refused to take any money from us.

2. You have company

Most tour guides really try to engage the group, so no one is left out, you could even get to make new friends while on the tour. Especially for solo travelers, I was in good company in Amsterdam.

3. You get some understanding of the sights and the city

Most of what I know about Amsterdam, including my post regarding Amsterdam facts came from the walking tour. Instead of just taking a picture with a building, you get to learn the history and purpose of  the building.

4. You have no worries about getting lost

This one is easy, because you have a tour guide, the starting point is often times all you need to find and the end point is mostly a central point also.

5. Your itinerary is planned out for you

some of us go through the trouble of checking out what we need to see and so on, and most times when your travel was an escape from all the hassle of life and work, you find that you didn’t have the time to do all the homework of your destination. Don’t worry, find a walking tour and join.

6. You get access to some inside information

Most of the tour guides have good info of good and cheap shops, of authentic local and cheap restaurants. Not just the tour guides, you could even ask the other tourists about where they’ve been and what they recommend.

7. You get to see other’s  points of view. 

Two people may see the same building or work of art, but what they get from it is completely different. What happens when you are in a group is that others ask  questions or make comments which you could learn from.

8. You get to exercise

you really get to burn some fat on walking tours, some destinations even offer bicycle tours. The tours are designed in such a way that you walk from place to place for each attraction, and because there’s a whole group of people you may fail to  notice just how much distance you’ve covered.

9. You get to save on transport costs

Imagine going on the tour alone, especially when its not familiar ground, you may be tempted to use public transportation to go from one sight to another. Not on a walking tour.

10. Its fun and dynamic

really, only on tour guides do you see a group pf grown ups walking in a line and so on. It takes you back to your kindergarten days or primary school days eh. I say dynamic because you are in a new place with other people from different countries. If you make your self open enough, you are bound to have fun on the tour.

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