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8 Mistakes Most People Make When Going Hiking

8 Mistakes Most People Make When Going Hiking

A hike is a long distance walk or trekking usually carried out in difficult, uneven terrain.

I went hiking not too long ago and woke up the next morning feeling like an evil nurse had given me multiple injections in wrong locations on my buttocks. It wasn’t my first time hiking, but I had still gone unprepared and hence had to suffer for it. Here are a few mistakes to watch out for before your next hike.

1. Not Training Your Body for The Hike

Marathon runners don’t wake up one morning and decide to take part in the Olympics, even going on certain marathons, instruction is given to participants to have some warm ups beforehand.

The last time I went jogging or anything remotely related to exercise or stretching my body was months ago, so of course the pain was bound to come.

Once you know the set date of your hike, if you weren’t engaged in any form of physical exercise before, try to have some warm ups, jogging around the nieghborhood for example, build up some stamina, do some exercises for your legs, knees especially, before the d-day.

2. Wearing Improper Shoes

A hike is often undertaken in difficult or uneven terrain, mountainous roads aren’t as smooth as others. You need shoes that wont give you blisters and would still be able to withstand the uneven terrain, shoes also that would not soak water. Flat shoes or even sneakers aren’t really the best option.

You can follow these links below to see examples of what a good hiking shoe is:

Merrel’s – I love these, cause they are all season perfect, come shine, rain or snow.

Amazon-rei – These are perfect for both hiking and running

3. Failing to Check the Weather

Before going for a hike, do check the weather for the day or following days if its more than a day’s hike in the city you’d be going to. This is advantageous as it would help you to know what clothing you need, would you need something to keep warm or something to keep cool. Would you need a rain jacket or not?

4. Failing to Pack Food and Water

You most likely will be in nature and coming across a restaurant will not be easy. Even if its just a day’s hike, our bodies deserve better than just snacks. The best way to go about this is to prepare the night before, prepare a light sandwich and pack a small lunch and then the snacks should be extras. Have a durable water bottle for your water.

5. Failing to check/research the hiking trail

Whether you have a guide for the hiking trail or not, its still your responsibility to find out somethings about your trail. Is it super popular or nah? Where are the rest stops? Nearby toilets? What must you see on this hike, ask fellow hikers you meet on the trail. Where are the best spots for seeing beautiful views of the city and so on.

6. Not bringing a bin bag

Lets be  nice to the environment while hiking. Do not litter the trails. The best way to be sure of not doing this is carrying your own bin bag, that way, you have no excuse of saying there were no trash cans. Remember to leave no trace when hiking.

7. Packing too much

First of all, you need a good and light backpack. Your heaviest items should be food and water. A camera you could take, to capture some moments or views. Otherwise, don’t bring unnecessary stuff. Make sure your backpack is as light as possible to make your hiking trip less work.

8. Technical under-preparation

There are a few technicalities to take into consideration when hiking. Below is a list of items everyone should consider taking

-Portable charger/power bank

-a torchlight/alarm

-tissues (you never know when nature would call)

-a few bandages/hand-sanitizer/personal medications


-an Id card

And that’s it for this hiking checklist. Let me know if I left a few things out and we’d have the list updated in no time.


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