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5 Songs to Inspire Wanderlust

5 Songs to Inspire Wanderlust

Songs a lot of times are a call to action, if you’re listening to the right ones. I don’t listen to as much music as others, but these few songs do inspire wanderlust in me. 1-4 came easily, I had to think a bit more for no. 5, but they are all great songs and I hope you do enjoy listening to them.

5. Breakaway

Who else grew up in a small town? This song by Kelly Clarkson says it all, it may not just be in travelling but most times we’ll need to spread our wings and breakaway from the norm in all things we do. And no matter how far you go, don’t forget your roots or the ones you love.

Click to Listen to ‘Breakaway’

“Ah, but a man’s reach should exceed his grasp, Or what’s a heaven for? ” ~ Robert Browning

4. Cups

Popularized by Anna Kendrick. Her voice is sure sweet and crisp to the ears. The song reminds us to dare to step away from the regular, don’t be the only one to miss those who go away. Try going away somewhere, sometime. My favorite line in the song is, “..I sure would like some sweet company..” while that applies to most of my planned trips, just because I don’t find some one to accompany  me doesn’t necessitate a suspension of my plans and you shouldn’t put yours on hold either.

Click to Listen to ‘Cups’ 

3. The Voyage

When travel feels like a big risk,  “set your sights sailing far beyond familiar” I think this song goes beyond just going on a physical journey, it signifies being bold enough to stretch yourself.  Forget about the winds, forget the waves, forget whatever seems like an obstacle and take that step you need to. “What if the path you choose becomes a road, the ground you take becomes your home” , that’s right, don’t you hold back now! And those who are followers of Jesus may understand the deeper meaning in the line, “I am the wind in your sails”, I personally take that line as God saying, “take that extra step baby girl, I will sustain you”. Just knowing that God’s got my back is often times enough. Thank you Amanda Cook for this.

Click to Listen to ‘The Voyage’

2. Ship and The Globe

Kae Sun is a Ghanaian-Canadian singer, songwriter, producer. This song of his is simple, poetic and short. This is more of a dreamy song for me. “ spending my time watching the ship and the globe”,  you’d have to be in a place that’s by the sea or by the ocean to do this and yes, most times beauty is in the simple things of life, I agree with the songwriter.

Listen to the ‘Ship and The Globe’

1. We found love by Lindsey Stirling ( Ven tribe)

Lindsey gives us a brief glimpse of the Ven tribe of Kenya. She really brings life and meaning to this song. African languages can be so rich, her inclusion of Swahili (I hope I got the language right) brings a whole new dimension to this song!! My favorite line in the song being “we found love in a whole new place” The joy in the video is truly contagious.  I can hear Kenya calling for you and I.

Listen to ‘We found love by Lindsey Stirling’

Hope you enjoyed reading this write up? I’ll be glad to hear about what other songs inspire you to want to travel, you can add to this mini-list. I wish you all the happiness in the world as you find inspiration to travel or to take that extra step in life you need to take.

Paa pa pa paa pa pa paa papa pa paa paa  am happy you know, Paa pa pa paa pa pa paa papa pa paa paa, am happy you know” ~ Kae Sun’s Ship and the Globe

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