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15 Awesome Things to do in Debrecen

15 Awesome Things to do in Debrecen

Debrecen is the 2nd largest city in Hungary. Transportation is supported by buses and two tramlines. It is about 2 and half hours away from Budapest by car or train. While it cannot be compared to Budapest, it does have its airport with flights to Eindhoven, Paris, Tel-aviv, Milan, London Luton and Malmo in Sweden. August is a good time to visit, its not too hot nor cold and you get to be a part of the  Debrecen flower carnival. This post has a few recommendations for what you could do, should you find yourself in Debrecen.

  1. Main Building of the University of Debrecen..

    Main Building- University of Debrecen ~ Source
  2. Take a walk in the botanical garden of the university

    Entrance to the botanical garden. ~Source
  3. Make a Visit to the Nagyerdei Park

    From the Egyetem you can cross over, the forest got renovated not too long ago. Its great for picnics and relaxation, you can also watch the fish in the ponds.

  4. Take a look at the Nagyerdei Stadium

  5. Debrecen Zoo

    Debrecen Allatkert

  6. Observe the city while have a refreshing drink at the Nagyerdei Water tower

  7.  Visit the Nagytemplom downtown.

  8. Relax in the memorial garden. This is just behind the Nagytemplom

  9. Take  a walk in the city center

    In the city center, you can see the Aranybika hotel in the background
  10.  Visit the Deri museum and other nearby museums

    Museum of the reformed church

    Debrecen has a few museums that are worth taking a look at, you can read more on it here.

  11. Go shopping at forum or Debrecen Plaza

  12. Go swimming at the Aquaticum or at the Debrecen Swimming pool Complex.

    Aquaticum Debrecen
  13. Watch a movie at the apollo cinema or cinema city in Debrecen Plaza

  14. Go bowling at Campus bowling bar or Station bowling

  15. Visit Nearby Cities- Hajduszoboszlo and Nyireghaza

At Hajduszoboszlo, is a bustling water park, you can go swimming o for spa  and at Nyireghaza is the Sosto Zoo, the area also has abeach, spa, woodlands and a remarkable aquarium in Hungary. Using the intercity trains, it takes about 15 minutes from Debrecen to Hajduszboszlo and 30 minutes from Debrecen to Hyireghaza.

At the Nagyallomas (i.e the Debrecen Railway Station)

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