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11 Reasons You Should Never Visit Nigeria

11 Reasons You Should Never Visit Nigeria

1. You do not like tropical countries. Sorry oh, we only have rainy season (wet season) and harmattan (dry season). Mangoes are more popular than apples here.

2. You do not appreciate good food, or food whose names you cannot pronounce, never mind that its just 2 or 3 syllables and often times less complicated than other continental dishes.

Eba and egusi soup                                                                                                                                         Source: DrDedun
Moin-moin (steamed bean pudding)                                                                                                    Source: DrDedun
Efo-riro                                                                                                                                                                                     Source: DrDedun

3. You have never heard of Africa, do not like Africa, do not want to know anything about Africa. Never mind that its 3x bigger than Europe. No wait, size isn’t all that matters, true that.

Source: Wikipedia
Source: Wikipedia

Read this article to find out how maps have for a very long time downplayed the real size of Africa.

4. You prefer less populated countries, with not too many black people. Pele, sorry oh we are currently 7th most populated in the world and the most populated black nation in the world.

5. You do not appreciate the experience of a rich and diverse culture

Tiv dancers from north central Nigeria
Tiv dancers from north central Nigeria                                                                                                            Source:
Hausa men at durbar, Northern Nigeria
Hausa men at durbar, Northern Nigeria                                                                                                                  Source: Ask naij
Igbo dancers from Eastern Nigeria
Igbo dancers from Eastern Nigeria                                                                                                                Source:

6. You do not like football. This one, I have no comment for you.

Our beloved Super Eagles
Our beloved Super Eagles                                                                                                         Source: Wikipedia

7. You cannot tolerate people whose parties are always loud, with good music and dancing and much food. Because that’s just overdoing it, life should not be enjoyed too much.

source: naijaattitudeblog and mtee hall pin
source: naijaattitudeblog and mtee hall pin

8. You like your electricity constant and have never experienced a black out before. Here, we tell ourselves tales by the moonlight and ward off mosquitoes in those moments and then use generator afterwards.

9. It is a ridiculously expensive country. Changing your dollars, euros and  pounds will amount to nothing at all especially in this Buhari economy.

10. You do not like beautiful and handsome looking people. As some Nigerians will say, “I am sorry for you.” Sorry I don’t have pictures, please go to google and type beautiful Nigerians.

11. You do not appreciate any dose of sarcasm. I am also not sarcastic at all, but my country people, its in their DNA. Our mothers can display sarcasm only with their facial expression and the amazing thing is, we, the children get it.

Happy Independence day Nigeria!

Today, the 1st of October is Nigeria’s Independence day, I sincerely write this to those who need more reasons as to why not to visit this amazing country. I write first as a Nigerian and secondly as a travel blogger. Nigeria is not perfect, no country is, while our problems may appear to be more than those of other countries, we still remain a country, we still remain a people living and striving everyday for a better and brighter future.  One of the more popular reasons why most people won’t visit Nigeria is due to safety reasons. Its legit, but the truth is no where is truly safe. Some slip and fall in their own house and it leads to their death, others live life diligently and healthily, only to be diagnosed with cancer later on, some countries have natural disasters such as typhoons and earthquakes, while others die at the hands of their own police force. All these are unfortunate circumstances. So what is my point?

I am Nigerian and I truly wish others could visit this amazing country. Don’t throw away caution, but don’t live so cautiously that you fail to experience all that life has to offer. There is much more good that overrides the bad about Nigeria and there are many more good Nigerian people than the popular bad ones that you’ve heard about. We are a funny, and unbelievable bunch. I love Nigeria, I love Nigerians, I love being Nigerian. I hope others could experience it just once in their life time.

Cheers to Nigeria on her Independence Day! Cheers to my fellow Nigerians!

Don’t throw away caution, but don’t live so cautiously that you fail to experience all that life has to offer.

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