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ROMANIA: The Deliciousness

ROMANIA: The Deliciousness

One of the things I can’t resist doing when I visit a place, is to try its food, as long as I can afford it. Food can tell you some things about a people, you know, how adventurous or wild or calm they are, yeah there you have it, a thesis topic (worth exploring, incase you are studying something related to food or people) and help you appreciate them more. I have to say Romanian food is delicious. Its tasty, full of flavour and very very affordable. So, for the two months spent there, while I cooked in my hostel most of the time, I didn’t forget to try some Romanian dishes.


Snackies, great for in between memealals and for when you are just not that hungry. I have to admit my favorite pastry in Romania was Covrigi, especially the one made by Gigi. And below are a few others I tried and just had to share with you.

Luca  Pizza

Hehe, you know when you crave pizza but feel like getting a whole order would be just forcing yourself. Also, I am really not a pizza fan, but I have to admit this is one of the best I’ve ever had. Lokk at all the appeal it has.
Covri Luca: this has like a sausage in it and you absolutely have to have this while its warm, It cost about 2 lei. Its a simple and filling snack especially when walking or touring the area. Its sold by the same shop as the pizza above.  A Must try in Romania.
…hehe, so you can see the brand name. These stalls were everywhere in Bucharest and often had long lines of people waiting, the taste is totally worth the wait. There’s one at Brasov old town as well. Bucharest autogara, its like Romanian doughnuts, a bit greasy, but having just one or two while on vacation shouldn’t kill you. Most pastry shops sell this as well.
…just so you can see the filling, Gogosi with cream and cocoa.
Covrigi. Romanian pretzels, this is probably the most popular pastry in Romania, many stores have already made ones as well, which are smaller and quite dry.  Fresh is better!
Guess what I ran into?

I was surprised to see fornetti here in Romania. Fornetti is quite popular in Hungary as well, so I didn’t bother having any.  Highly recommended if you find yourself in Hngary or Romania!

Kürtős kalács, Hungarian chimney cake. How can I describe this? its thin, made of flour and sweet. I got the caramelized one and yeah well thats its, its okay.  If you have to pick between this and the above pictured fornetti. I totally recommend fornetti


Restaurants are quite generous with ther serving of soup. Most soups are served with bread and I can say, all have a similar taste. Its not African or Asian, different from Hungarian but good and unique. Soups are often times the appetizers before you have the main meal, but I suggest trying this only if you are with company and have a long time to spend on your meal. I was readily filled with just the soups alone. I remember the two times I had soup, followed by the main meal at one restaurant, I really had to wait a while after the meal, cause I just could not walk aferwards. Don’t laugh at me 😛

Tasty soup with potatoes, beef, veggies. At the famous Brasovia, Brasov Old Town. So good, really. A bit spicy and salt was perfect.
Had this at Ma Cocotte. It was labelled soup of the day, but it really was like potato porridge, without the chunks
Country side chicken soup at La Casa Bistrițeană


So I think we could agree that the main meals in Brasov, consists os meat, potatos, polenta and more meat. Oh and cabbage. This is what was on the menu of most local restaurants. I love rice and tried having it a few times, but decided to stick to potatoes and polenta, I think these were better tantalizing

Traditional Stew (with assorted meat)with polenta. At La mama, Bucharest Old Town

This was quite good. Its the first time I’ve had a meal so similar to nigerian cooking. The stew was great, taste, oil and salt mix was perfect. Polenta is like turned semovita

Smoked gammon with spicy cabbage. Just as the name indicates, the gammon looked boiled, but the taste was indeed smoked, and tender. And the cabbage, good! yeah, now I understand how people can have only cabbage as a meal.
Ribeye with ginger and boiled potatoes. This was my first main meal in Romania. First impressions do matter. Aye! I had this at Casa Tudor, and visted them againthe next day, cause it was hat good. Really, really good!
At Ma coccote, in Brasov. This was the best rice dish I had through out my stay, the other times, the rice wasn1t cooked as perfect. With Italian style chicken. I really couldn’t figure out this dish (I could taste chicken and mushroom, not sure of the other items, regardless, it was delicious)
Breakfast at some French Restaurant in Bucharest Old Town, I really just had to spoil myself this weekend. Aye, it is good to spoil one’s self.
More meat and potatoes at Brasovia, Brasov old town. hehe I think the grandpa serving, gave me a little bit too much. It was not wasted though, the taste was heavenly.

Well yeah, thats it. At some point in my journey my phone went kaput, this why we should back up our photos in one drive or google drive. Hehe, hope you enjoyed reading. If you did, do leave me a comment, saying what  you liked or what you recommend and please share with your friends.

Cheers!! Kanpai!!

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