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Discovering Hungary: Debrecziner Gourmet Fesztivál

Discovering Hungary: Debrecziner Gourmet Fesztivál

The Debrecziner Gourmet Fesztival was held on the 11th and 12th of June at the Nagyerdo Park, Debrecen. Really amazing feel, its as though the park was re-structured just for this festival or the organizers are clearly brilliant, the setup was amazing.

So basically, it was a taste Debrecen Festival, mostly of the sausage Debrecziner (Debrecener) its a kind of pork sausage name after the city, Debrecen. You had to register online to be allowed entry free into the festival, I was fortunate to be invited by a friend to this and I don’t regret attending. This festival was, I think the first of its kind and I hope they keep it up. Jahh, let’s see a few pictures of the setup of the festival.

registration booths and entrance

20160611_121050 20160611_121055 20160611_121404 20160611_121453 20160611_121641 20160611_121655

It all looks empty right, yeah we opened the festival.

...the early birds :D
…the early birds 😀

Okay and now (drumroll please) for the food haha. The food was a bit pricey for the portions but delicious, really. Nagyon finom!

the stand from Tiszafured
the pots are called bogrács. i tried the food on the left and the one on the right is called Tisza fish soup of catfish fillets
Kaposztas harcsa debrecenivel
The one that didn’t get away haha

The meal above is catfish with cabbage and Debrecen sausage (Kaposztas harcsa debrecenivel ) Apparently its a 300 year old recipe. This meal was awesome, the fish tasted like chicken, the sausage and cabbage, everything was such a fantastic blend and it wasn’t salty, OMG!!!!!! What a great meal!! I might visit Tiszafured just for this.

Fish cracklings with violet onions and leavened cucumber. Hungarians love pickled cucumber and am gradually beginning to as well
Debrecziner served with home made puff-pastry filled with pickled cabbage and crunchy onion in balsamico-honey dipping. Served by Husmanufaktura
the making…
PolaPola cevap (the meat) with ajvar (red paprika cream) onions and bread PolaPola

I had a taste of this, gorgeousness, the meat, the bread, the saucee wow!

Grilled debrecziner, fresh homemade ratatouille, bread PolaPola

The bread reminded me of a northern nigerian snack called masa, the ratatouille was a bit different from the ratatouille I know but delicious still and Debrecener, I need to eat some more of it to really get the feel. Its different from other sausages, am yet to find the proper words to describe it.

PolaPola is a restaurant in Budapest. I need to find myself in Budapest 😀

Aranygaluska, a traditional Hungarian dessert
This was some Moroccan Iced coffee something, I don’t remember the name but they did have interesting drinks. I got this from Cafe Frei, their location is in Debrecen 😉
they are watching a gastro show, can you see the chef the guy in white, with all eyes on him.

This was a beautiful event in my opinion, it was for me an episode of discovering Debrecen/Hungary. Hungary as a country does have a lot to offer. I hope to write a lot more posts on Discovering Hungary.

Below is the website of the Taste Debrecen Festival,  you could check out their gallery and see the exhibitors/restaurants for the events. These are authentic Hungarian restaurants you could check out. Let’s discover Hungary together. Read about my first post on the series Discovering Hungary: Hiking in Lillafured.

Debrecziner Gourmet Fesztivál

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