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7 Amazing Cafes to Visit in Debrecen, Hungary

7 Amazing Cafes to Visit in Debrecen, Hungary

Hungary in general has a terrific culture of cafes. Depending on how the cafe owners structure it, cafes can really be a great environment for learning, meeting up or relaxation. There’s always a great variety of beverages to choose from, with coffee or without, tea, with alcohol or non alcoholic, warm or cold.

Here’s Hungarian literature for cafes to familiarise yourself with;

Kávézó – Coffee shop/Coffee room

Kávéház – Coffee house

Kávé – Coffee

These are the few, I’d recommend visiting.

Pepe Panini

There’s one in the main university campus, in the same building as the Reformatus temple and the other location is in the downtown, on Kossuth utca. In both locations, indoors and outdoors sitting arrangements have been made. I especially love their mint tea, ooh and mango smoothie. I have also heard that their panini sandwich is worth trying. And if you’re looking for a place for breakfast, Pepe panini is a nice option.

Address: Kossuth utca 8 and Egyetem ter

Bakelit Music Cafè

Bakelit opens from 11am, and closes at 11pm. Having an early morning tea might not be possible, but its one of the few places that closes this late.  Here, you still have an option when all the other cafes are closed. They also have on the menu panini and a good variety of wraps to choose from.

Address: Kossuth utca 21

Árkád Kávézó

It has a great outdoors hangout area, you can take in the yellow church and watch the trams pass by and people stroll around the city center. This is the only cafe on the list with macaroons on the menu.

Address: Piac utca 4

Coffeeshop company

This is situated in the shopping mall, forum. Everyone passing by can see you and you can see them. So, for those who like open and not isolated places, it’s a great solace.

You definitely want to try their cheese cake, they always have a different flavor.

Address: Csapo utca 30, ground floor, forum shopping mall

Cafe Frei

I had an arabic ice coffee ish drink from here once and it was heavenly. Coming from someone who rarely takes coffee. They have a great variety of beverages to offer and it’s definitely a great option for a group hangout.

Address: Rákóczi u. 18

Cafe Frei – Debrecen Libri

This is also situated in the forum, on the 3rd floor. Libri is a book shop and just by the side, they have a sitting location where you could have a nice drink or snack on something sweet. I think its really an awesome gesture. In general I do love this bookshop, because it has a few sitting places, for when you get tired while browsing books and they have quite a number of books in English.

Address: Csapo utca 30, 3rd floor, forum shopping mall

Karakter 1517 Könyvesbolt és Kávézó

And the last on the list, but not the least! It’s strictly a coffee house, just take a look at the menu below.  No snacks, no alcoholic drinks. I love the way it’s been limited to just drinks, that way you can concentrate on just reading or doing whatever else you have to do. The books were all in Hungarian, as of the time I asked, there were none in English. It is a great souvenir shop and hideout. I really love the location. This is definitely a cafe you don’t want to miss out on.

Address: Kossuth tér, just behind the Nagytemplom

Karen Kingsbury on the shelf.

the one with the most affordable prices.

This post is just a tip of the iceberg of what Debrecen has to offer, you can have coffee or hot chocolate or cocktails not only strictly from coffeehouses, but also from bars, restaurants and it can even be misleading when some restaurants have names ending with Cafe or Kavehaz. I don’t know of a way to differentiate this, except to check the menu.

And in most proper cafes or coffeehouses, you can order your coffee or tea for take away, which is awesome if you wouldn’t want to move about.

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