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My Visit to Bucharest

My Visit to Bucharest

Ole Bucharest! The city is a beautiful as the n a me is. I visited in winter and spent two whole days there.


I travelled from Brasov to Bucharest, the journey by train took about 3 hours, since I was a student my ticket (inclusive of the return trip) cost me about 45 lei (10 Euros maybe).

Relying on googlemaps, I was able to use only the public transport through out my stay in bucharest (buses + metro). A single way ticket cost 2 lei. I ended up using public transport only from and to train station. As I stayed at Old Town, every place worth sightseeing was of walkable distance, the farthest was parliament.


Old and beautiful. From the train station I went straight to the old town, so perhaps am being biased, but this is what I saw.


Really Nice people. For me, a simple way to determine this is by asking for directions from strangers, if they can spare you a glance or some time, it says something about those people.


Train ticket – 46 lei

Two days accommodation (hostel cost)- 60 lei

Breakfast- 6 lei

Main meal- 24 lei (max for me, but this was applicable to many restaurants, in Old Town, most restaurants advertise their menu on its outside). So I think in total I spent about 200 lei ( for two days, including eating, shopping in bucharest)

Sightseeing : Big, old and beautiful churches (no cost) Most monuments I visited we couldn’t get in, perhaps winter timing, parliament was closed at the time. And others I had free entry.

In total, I spent about 240 lei for my two days trip in B, about 50 euros.

Auto gara Bucharest (Bucharest train station)
Auto gara Bucharest (Bucharest train station)
Somewhere in Old Town, i think I had just arrived and was still trying to find my hostel. I found this very scenic
My hostel room
Right opposite the National Bank of Romania
Pura Vida Sky and bar hostel
Unirii Square, pretty big. I guess it should be gorgeous in spring
On my way to the see the Romanian Patriarchy
still on the way
Here we are, Romanian Patriachal Cathedral (at night)
Bucharest Old Town
Stavropoleos Monastery
Stavoropoleos Monastery
Stavropoleos Monastery
Facing the CEC Palace
The CEC Palace
Old Court church
Old Court church

I got lost on this particular day, so no idea where this is, as it wasnt planned
Kretzulescu Church

Headquarters of Architects Union, Bucharest
Headquarters of Architects union, bucharest
Piata Revolutiei

There’s actually a lot to see and do in Bucharest, much more than my pictures show. Its totally worth visiting and Old town is a great vplace to be at. You can just feel the ‘touristy’ atmosphere. It remains lively day and night, I can only imaginebhow boisterous it is in winter.


I admit,this pist was written in a hurried fashion, regardless, I hope you could pick up a thing or two from this.

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