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Science Museum, London

Science Museum, London

I spent the past few days in England and was opportune to see a bit of London while  I was there, I will write fully about that soon, but this one place struck a chord on my trip. I went to the science Museum on the day I toured London, I went again two days after, my flight was at night, so I passed through London and visited the museum again.

The museum is made of 3 floors with different exhibitions and on different aspects of science such as Agriculture, Time, Energy, War, Space, Medicine, Information Age and other tidbits. While I was there, there was an exhibition about Leonardo da Vinci: The Mechanics of Science and another on Fox Talbot: Dawn of the Photograph. It also had a few theaters with 3D movies regarding space, power, the fly zone, I didn’t get to watch any of it. The museum celebrates renowned scientists such as Albert Einstein and does acknowledge the modern day pioneers such as Debby Elnatan, the inventor of Upsee ( Upsee harness helps physically impaired children to be able to walk)

Now, I am a science student, but rest assured I didn’t fully grasp some of what I saw and didn’t understand how they worked. Still, this visit was quite meaningful and inspiring to me because it celebrated people and their discoveries. It celebrated men and women who took initiatives to create stuff. Some major, like the discovery of penicillin, achievements in aviation and some not so major like in this picture below.

at the science musuem

Its a dress and bag made of straw, isn’t it ingenious?

And then this below, just a structure made of different materials.


In the item above, every layer is made of as different materials as they could find, some cloth, some metal e.t.c

When I first saw these two items, I thought, “oh what a waste of time, how is this useful to anyone?” but then I asked myself, “well what have you created out of your imagination?” and I could criticize no more.

I will visit the science museum again should I find myself in London and I recommend visiting it to anyone, we’re often averse to what we think we do not understand. you may not be a fashionista but am sure you appreciate someone who dresses really well. Same way most of us know nothing about painting and drawing, but you’ll appreciate a good painting and the artist. Really what is science? what is art? Okay, let’s find similarities, both have elements of discovery and creation.  I really just want you to have a look into things even if its not your area of expertise. So don’t be turned off by the word science. You’ll be surprised at the inspiration you could get from things that seem abstract.

My visit to the museum reminded me of a quote by Gustave  Flaubert,

” Travel  makes one modest. You see what a tiny place you occupy in the world”

I had thought it was an achievement just visiting the museum, after getting in, my thinking was different, it changed to oh what can I do for the society? what could I achieve? I am still yet to answer the question :D, I think the important thing is the question has been raised.

Travel is not an end in itself, its juts one way leading to discovery upon discovery. Oh may we always be willing to learn new things.

I didn’t take a lot of pictures. It was allowed but I decided not to, that would make me want to visit again. If you do find yourself in London, this is a place to drop by. Its free too.

Also the Science museum is right next to the Art Museum in London and the Natural History museum, you will need to find yourself at South Kensington Station, go through the tunnel and its quite easy to find.


The picture featured in this post was taken at the science museum by me. 😉

2 thoughts on “Science Museum, London”

  • Nice article, I really enjoyed reading 🙂
    Regarding the layers of materials, it’s basically representing composite material technology. For example car bodies, they have layers of different coatings etc. Also in the semiconductor industry and makeup industry 😀

    • … coming from a proper scientist! hmmm, I see, well that makes more sense now. Thanks for sharing Lyons 🙂

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