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Hiking in LillaFured: Discovering Hungary

Hiking in LillaFured: Discovering Hungary

 Interesting facts about Lilla Fured

  • Also known as the pearl of Bukk
  • found in the Eastern Bukk mountains
  • right next to Hamori lake
  • Has the biggest waterfall in Hungary, Szinva Creek.

The Bukk Mountains

Start point: East gate of the Bukk mountains (basically the bus terminal closeby :))

East gate of the Bukk mountains
East gate of the Bukk mountains
..and we set off





notice anything in particular?
finally at the foot of the mountain
going up
going up
Also hamor from the mountain top
Also hamor from the mountain top
Molnar (Miller) Rock
Molnar (Miller) Rock
Yope, Hungarians are big on graffiti, so cool though
Yope, Hungarians are big on graffiti, so cool though
this too :D
this too 😀



notice the trail signals now, they've been there from the beginning
notice the trail signals now, they’ve been there from the beginning. (on the way to szeleta cave)

Most popular mountain trails have trail signs, they tell you which path to choose to hike along and in case you get lost you could use them to find your way back.

don’t ask me what it is 😉
going downhill.. did you know going down appears easier yet, it puts more stress on your knees?
almost down

It took only about 90 minutes to climb up and down the mountain to arrive at Also Hamor.

Caves, Waterbodies

Szeleta Cave

This was the first cave we came across, while still on the mountain top.

moist, slippery, dark..


Anna Barlang Cave

This was discovered in 1833 and is a natural limestone cave

its a 200m tour into the cave, apparently there are only 6 of its kind  world wide
guess what? oaktree roots fossil, parts of the cave roof


Szinva Creek

This was just next to the Anna Barlang Cave




St Istvan Cave

Most remarkable of all the caves, really, so many stalactites and stalagmites, haha and you could make out a few figures from some of the structures, e.g Santa Claus if am not mistaken. It was quite clean, temperature was great, apparently the temperature of this cave remains at 10 degrees celsius all year round. It also serves as a therapeutic unit for asthma patients. They have tours every 30 minutes, the tour guide was sound and concise and she could interpret for us in English too. If you do have to wait, you could try some langos at the market place close by.

Oh yeah, beware of bats.

the entrance, the door, not seen from here is known as a dog hole. Apparently, the cave was discovered after a dog had fallen into its hole 😀
do you see what I see? An Amber leaf fossil


Hamori Lake

Its possible to go fishing or boating here.



The terraced garden (Hanging garden)




And thats it about my trip to Lilla Fured, its a great place to visit should you find yourself in Hungary. Its easy getting here, from Miskolc. So basically, you just need to get to Miskolc from whatever part of Hungary you are, it takes an hour by bus from Miskolc to LillaFured.

I went on this hiking trip with Interhelp desk, we had a great tour guide and the group company was awesome.

Let me know, what you think about the post, do you think I left something out?

Cheers ***

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