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10 Fun facts you didn’t know about the Netherlands (and Amsterdam)

10 Fun facts you didn’t know about the Netherlands (and Amsterdam)

  1. Holland is not synonymous with The Netherlands. Holland is just a part, a region in the Netherlands, they have South and North Holland and then there are other parts in the country that are not in Holland.
my reaction, after I found out.. (Source)

2. Much of it is below sea level. the Dutch have a saying, “God created the world, the Dutch created the Netherlands” this is because most of the land was reclaimed from water, most of the houses in Amsterdam are reportedly built on stilts. That’s why its called the Netherlands = The Nederlands.

3. The Dutch are the tallest people in the world. The men are on average as tall as 184cm and the women 170cm.

4. Coffeeshop is not synonymous with Café. Coffeeshops/Coffeehouses in the Netherlands have licenses to sell marijuana to the public, cafés on the other hand are more often bars. The smell of marijuana is quite common on the streets of Amsterdam and no,  the dutch aren’t the ones smoking it the most, tourists are.

5. Spain, France and Germany once ruled over the Netherlands.

6. There are more bicycles in the country than there are people. Okay, I think you knew that. The Dutch also have the lowest rates of bicycle related accidents. beats me how.

7. The most dangerous thing to be aware of in Amsterdam is bicycles. The Dutch on bicycles can be quite scary. The 2nd most dangerous thing to be aware of is tourists on bicycles, most times they aren’t looking at where they are going. Beware! those yellow bikes!

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8. Amsterdam is usually referred to as the Venice of the North, owing to its many canals. There are 165 canals in Amsterdam alone. Guess what is fished out from the canals the most every year? Bicycles.

One of the many canals
One of the many canals

9. Amsterdam is the most diverse and most tolerant city in the world.

10. Just because a dutch word sounds similar and has the same spelling with an english doesn’t mean they have the same meanings. Take a look at these examples below

Dutch words looking like English words            Meanings

Pardon                                                                    horse

big                                                                            little pig

BTW                                                                        value added tax

worst                                                                       sausage

talk                                                                           baby powder

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