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Flower Carnival Night: Debrecen

Flower Carnival Night: Debrecen

The city of Debrecen celebrated its 47th annual flower festival 3 weeks ago. It was a week long celebration with a few other institutions organizing special programs for the week.

I only partook in the event on the final day, being the 20th of August. The event began at 7am with a parole at the Piac Utca consisting of a bicycle promenade and a vehicle exhibition. The celebration was then moved to the stadium, and there was held a flower car exhibition and folklore fest followed by a carnival dance show.

Carnival Night

I fully attended the night event. The ticket for the night event cost 1500HUF (5 EUR). The setup of the stadium from the beginning to end was beautiful. It was my first time inside the stadium, and it was packed. We got in about 7pm, there wqas light music and dancing from the center stage until 7:30pm when the program finally began or was it 8pm? I think it was 8pm.

They did put a lot of effort into this event, not one moment was boring. The flower carts were packed at both ends of the stadium and the night was filled with different dance presentations, some wow! some okay, some good and a few amusing and of course the whole show ent on in Hungarian. Famed Hungarian artists also performed at the Stadium, I only remember Radics Gigi and Freddie who also had a concert afterwards.



about to begin
about to begin
Opening parole


folklore dance
Salsa maybe? they did great though
I like how the lighting kept changing
more salsa, am talking about the lady and gentleman. 😉
now what do you call this? mix up? Rainbow dancing. I think there was a little bit of hiphop dancing and something else
yes, the angels have descended hehehe


yeah you see the team waving is from Turkey and the guys looking at them are Hungarians and I who took the picture, am Nigerian 🙂
Finale, it was an active night


The night was crowned with fireworks, held in front of the main building of the University of Debrecen and a Freddie concert which I didn’t stay for.




I love how so many young people could be involved in the event, I mean the presentations. I wonder if they were given some incentive for doing so.

That’s it for this post, hope you loved reading it.

Pictures of the day time event can be accessed here

The rest of the pictures whichI took of the night carnival can be viewed from here

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