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Rankweil is a small town in the Austrian state of Vorarlberg. I stayed there for a few weeks, spanning November-December last year and it was a delight.

My accommodation was provided by the hospital I did my practice at, so I didn’t have to search for a place to stay.

Rankweil is really a quiet and beautiful place and its location makes it fairly easy to visit nearby countries, Switzerland and Germany (Munich in particular)

Here are some of my impressions on this Austrian town

Beautiful Place

I was awestruck on my first morning. The city of Rankweil is surrounded by tall, majestic mountains. As I went there in December, the view was even more beautiful as snow covered the mountain tops.


Almost everyone could understand  me, some people struggled (with English) when replying my questions , but basically we could communicate. So I can say if you speak English, getting lost wont be a problem in this part of Austria

Nice People

Do you know on my very first day, I got two free lifts, the first was from a total stranger who guessed I was trying to find my apartment and offered to drive me there. I was totally mind blown. So yeah, In Rankweil I felt very welcome and at ease with the people.

Beautiful Language

Yes, German is a beautiful language. Hehe maybe because am learning it. It was a pleasure listening to the people converse with each other.

Expensive (Teuer)

Really Teuer! Teuer is expensive in german. I rarely ate out and cooked my own meals and didn’t end up sightseeing as much I wanted to.

Laidback and Quiet

This is really a great place to relax. Stores close early, the buses stopped moving everyday at around 7pm, strange no? Of course, the trains are still working. Its like one small laidback village.

The Place for Hiking

The hiking trails are well mapped out, you really can’t resist taking a weekend stroll in the mountains. I am not yet into skiing and the snow wasn’t much while I was there, but I hear there are really good places around for skiing also.

Convenient Intercity/Intercountry Touring

Close to Munich and Switzerland, Rankweil appears to be in a really comfy location. Bregenz is only about 20 minutes from Rankweil and Lake Constance is a sight worth visiting.

Delicious Pastries

As I mentioned earlier, I rarely ate out, although I dined often at the Hospital cafeteria. So I did have a taste of Austrian food after all and Austrian pastries are amazing. Close to my apartment were three different bakeries and I have to say of all the countries I’ve visited so far, the best pastries have been from Austria. Apfelstrudel is great, but I had some bready cakey pastry with pecan filling and that was pure gorgeousness.

So, that was it about my impressions of Rankweil, I hope to visit this area of Austria again sometime. Till then, Tschuss!!!

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