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I journeyed from Debrecen, Hungary to Brasov by train and that took about 15 hours by train. Brasov is also known as Kronstadt and is located in the transylvanian part of Romania

I had a little skirmish at the border as I was questioned by the customs about why I was there and so on, held the train back by myself.  It was all eventually settled as I had my proper documents, so make sure you have the proper permit or visa and do verify if your passport gives you free entry into Romania.

I took the night train, we stopped at Cluj Napoca sometime during the night,  it was really colourful even from just the train. The train arrived Transylvania in the morning. And the scene was something like the White witch’s land in the Chronicles of Narnia. The trees, the mountains, the rooftops, everywhere was coated white.  It all appeared really poetic!!  I’m just gonna go ahead and touch on a few things and my impression on them.


Gorgeousness! Transylvania is really impressive, you do need to visit here to experience it. Am not sure how it is in the other seasons of the year, but seeing the views in winter was amazing.

Just a tiny glimpse
Train from brasov to bucharest, forgive me and my phone camera, this doesn’t do the views justice at all.


The people have been welcoming, they don’t appear to be that curious, everyone seems to be minding their business, but when approached, they can spare some time for you.


I came on last minute, so I couldn’t find an apartment and stayed in a hostel. It was shared, but decent and safe.  And pricing was pretty decent. The owner let me pay 100 euros for 4 weeks, even though it should cost more from my online booking. And other hostels are also priced decently. 30 lei per night, that’s about 6 eur per night.


So far, the transportation has been the only “ehn” thing for me. It is cheap, that is the buses, except you have to check online with google maps for directions, cause I couldn’t see a timetable at any bus station. Taxis are also affordable with most destinations pricing within 10 lei (2-3 euros). There is no metro in Brasov.

The Transylvanian railroads are really impressive. It’s admirable how they were made, as most of the area is mountainous. Really admirable!


There were a lot of local restaurants serving romanian food. Yes meat, if you are a meat lover, it’s a good place to be. Meat, sausages, polenta, potatoes are the norm and soups are very popular. Brasov has a variety of tastes and you can check out my post on the taste of Brasov. There’s no lack of street food either, whether you want sweet or salty, it’s all present. Prices are affordable.

Smoked gammon with spicy cabbage


I went to three different shopping malls, the most remarkable being Unirea (this is next to Brasov’s train station) and Coresi shopping resort which is really huge, these people do have a lot of land to spare. And for stores, they have Lidl and Billa, these two I know. I actually like Billa.


Transylvania is actually a popular destination. Even in winter, Poiana Brasov’s skiing resort gives the place another reason to be visited. Bran castle more popularly known as Dracula’s castle is just about 45 minutes away from Brasov and can be assesed from its bus terminal no. 2. Also, Bucharest, Sibiu and Sighisoara are only around 2-3 hours from Brasov by train.


I didn’t get lost, I do have google maps to thank, but the people also. There is always some one around who can speak English.

And there is also a small population of Germans and Hungarians here, I actually came across a few cities  and signboards in Hungarian. Also I came across a few Romanians who speak French, most asked if I could communicate in French.

Finally, I can teach you a few basic Romanian phrases, quite easy to learn.

Buna ziua – Good day

Multumesc – Thank you

And finally Goodbye which is La revedere and do watch out for my next posts on Romania.

La revedere…

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