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City of Cafes, Majestic buildings and Street Art: Loving Budapest

City of Cafes, Majestic buildings and  Street Art: Loving Budapest

This city’s attractions are proof, you don’t always need money to have a good vacation.Budapest is one of the most chic, affordable and tourist-friendly European cities to visit.

Majestic Buildings

Budapest is a lot more than all of these really. I especially captioned the post this way, as these are what I’ve been most enamoured with on my current visit here.

Budapest Nyugati Station
Museum of ethnology, opposite to the parliament
Parliament, Budapest

You cant help but be in awe of this place. Its not just the palaces or museums or touristy buildings. Even the no name, unfamous buildings have their own not so ordinary flare. Its amazing to see these old buildings and how they have been maintained, they are not sky tall, but this height is also good. Its even more spectacular going into the buildings and discovering that the inside is actually furnished in a modern way. And you have to appreciate the courtyard houses in Budapest and Hungary in general. I toured mostly the Pest side of Budapest, so almost everything in this post is found on the Pest side.


Cafes are a great place to relax and chill out and even to work. Starbucks and Costa are renowned worldwide. You really have to give it to them for their hard work. The atmosphere is just perfect.

Gong cafe
This cafe is also pretty good. Hot drinks, lattes and cocktails are all available. A lot more affordable than starbucks. The music was on and you could tune out or tune in whenever you wanted to, really affable.

Mlinar at Mester utca and I think there was one at Deak Ferenc Ter as well does give a one Hungarian vibe. Petite and cozy. Lipoti Bakery and cafe, which you can find almost everywhere also gives the Hungarian vibes. Their snacks are pretty tasty.

The few I’ve mentioned above are just the ones I could visit so far and there are a lot more cafes, I didn’t mention and didn’t have the chance to pop into. Anyway, its just good that you can pop into one of these any time you need to rest or drink or eat something light.

Street paintings

I came across a lot of these in district 9 & 7. The first time I took a picture, I didn’t know I would see many more after that, and so I was more on the watch out after the first 5-6 pictures. I really don’t know much about art and I have little talent for it, but these, I just had to stop and appreciate them. Sometimes I wonder if the buildings would be cleaner without them, but then it would be so plain and boring right?

Thanks for reading.


Unfortunately I took these pictures a while back and hence I can’t remember the exact addresses for the paintings nor buildings. Do bear with me.

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