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Calico Jack Pub: Chef’s offer

Calico Jack Pub: Chef’s offer

How many of us always look at the chef’s offer when it’s time to place your food orders? Well I never did before, I always pick out something else in the normal menu without a second thought, I am like, the first daughter of à la carte, I guess most of us are this way too or not. we never really care about a set menu, just pick out one good item and enjoy ourselves.

Well, a few days ago, it was different, while dining with a friend, the chef’s offer looked so tempting, so we ordered it.  Chef’s recommendation, Chef’s offer is mostly on the first page of the menu in most restaurants and often comes as set offer, as in a three course meal. It could be different daily or weekly. This was definitely my best buy at Calico Jack so far.

Calico Jack's chef menu
Calico Jack’s chef offer

Now’s let’s take a look at the individual meals.

The Appetizer: Venison Goulash

Venison goulash ~ hungarian never tasted so good
Venison is deer meat, probably my first time tasting this. It was finom (delicious in Hungarian). Goulash is a super popular Hungarian soup, this particular one not just contained deer meat in generous portions but also potatoes, carrots and cauliflower, am not sure if there was something else, that’s all I remember now. There’s something going on with Hungarian restaurants of recent, their meals are no longer salty, or is it just me? It wasn’t salty  at all and the quantity was just perfect.

The Main Course: Thyme chicken leg fillet with grilled mozzarella, creamy and tomato gnocci

Thyme chicken leg fillet with grilled mozzarella, creamy and tomato gnocci
Thyme chicken leg fillet with grilled mozzarella, creamy and tomato gnocci. ~ ‘Looked good, smelt good, tasted good’

Well, this was new, gnocchi! Gnocchi are dumplings of Italian origin, usually made from potatoes, cornmeal, semolina or other similar items. I think this particular one was made from potatoes. It looked good, smelt good and tasted good. The cream was just enough, not like some other restaurant who bathes their food in cream, I wont mention. I ate everything, including the purple leaf herbal thing you can see pictured on the plate, it was okay. I mean, whatever is put on your plate should be edible right?!

And finally,

The dessert: American pancake with vanilla ice cream, fruits and maple syrup

this was pancake filled with ice cream, the pancake was warm, the ice cream was solid and cold (desssert hold and cold). I never know the correct blend of fruits to use when making fruit salad or should we say I never care, as long as its a fruit, its going in there, but the fruit with maple syrup was a good blend, the taste comes close to that of a compote or should we say this was a scoop of compote? It was a good ending to a good meal.

American pancake with vanilla ice cream, fruits and maple syrup

I always sit in the upper floor of this restaurant, it’s shaped like a pirate’s cabin, really creative. I think its a positive thing that they had waiters on standby, we didn’t have to wait too long if we needed one or two things. The price was a bit over the average price, about 4500HUF (16 USD) but totally worth it for the set menu. I have included their address and opening times just a few lines below. Its one choice to consider should you find yourself in Debrecen, Hungary.

And this friends, was my experience at Calico Jack’s Pub this time. Hope you enjoyed reading. Cheers^^

Calico Jack Pub
Address: Hungary, 4030 Debrecen, Bem tér 15. Opening hours: Monday – Sunday 11:30-24:00
Disclaimer: This write up was not sponsored in anyway.

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