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What I ate in England: Recommended eats!

What I ate in England: Recommended eats!

I spent only a few days on my latest trip, so I couldn’t eat as much haha… but here are a few treats I had, one or two items on the list I had them for the very first time. I would recommend these for anyone who finds themselves in England. This post is a little different from my post on What I ate in China, that was lengthier as I spent more time there.

No. 1. Nandos

To be honest am not really a fan of Nandos, but there’s such a hype about it, that I can’t understand. The funny part is when am not sure of what to have, the option is always Nandos, if you find yourself in London and would like to stay safe with your choice of meal, Nandos is recommended. For me the most spectacular thing about this restaurant chain is their chicken sauce, hot, spicy, extra spicy, remove the sauce and the magic is gone. The ambience in all the different locations of Nandos I’ve been to, was great, be it a couple’s outing, friend’s date, family outing, it probably has what you’re looking for. The prices are reasonable also, on this website you could see their services and find a location near you.

The ¬†Legendary peri-peri chicken and nah, its not fried rice or jollof rice, its just Nandos’ rice, but its good.
ahh-ppetizer. Olives, good! garlic, good! is that paprika? O.o
The corn was served with butter, it didn’t make sense until I had a bite of it.
girl trying to not look hungry :D
girl trying to not look hungry :D, uhh just noticing that I forgot the pita and hummus ūüėČ

No. 2. Fish and Chips

Am really not a fan of fish and chips either, but its just so popular and easily get-able (if there’s a word like that) and cheap. If i want fast food in the UK, fish and chips is the go to place. Its everywhere, you can’t help but have it when you find yourself in the country

Fish "on" chips
Fish “on” chips. Can you see the chips?

No. 3. Fish and Saveloy

Saveloy was a new discovery for me this time around. According to wikipedia, its taste is similar to that of frankfurter…ehhhh I beg to differ (unless if I’ve been eating fake frankfurters) The taste was definitely amazing and unique, I think its more on the meat side than sausage side. Chewy and perfect with chips. This is sold in most fish and chips shops in the UK

Fish and saveloy
Fish and saveloy

No. 4. Muffinshake

Our number 4 is more of a recommended drink. Blended muffin plus milk shake. Oh goodness, human beings are so brilliant, its the perfect breakfast drink and afternoon drink and evening too. Words fail me, if you are a lover of milkshakes and muffins or anything cake. Can you try to imagine the two together? I had a blueberry one and the apple and cinnamon blend. I had this at a Muffin Break Store in South end. Looking for other breakfast ideas while in the Uk, you should find one these stores. I also got a 10% student discount on all my purchases.

Apple and cinnamon muffinshake
Apple and cinnamon muffinshake

No. 5. Traditional English Breakfast

Breakfast at the Last post
Breakfast at the Last post

We had this at the Last Post, one busy morning. Oh the English surely love their breakfast. The picture says it all, yes?

That’s it, ¬†these are among the few foods I had in London on my short vacation and ¬†I believe are worthy of mention and recommendation. Thanks for reading and many cheers!!

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