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All Hail the Queen! London Tour

All Hail the Queen! London Tour

LONDON was mega fun, accompanied by my beloved elder brother who was also the brilliant tour guide for the day, it was nothing less than splendid. Our tour began from Fenchurch station. This area is apparently one of the first areas in London where settlement began.

Our first stop was the prominent and famed London Tower, hmm why didn’t we climb it, I thought it wasn’t towering enough hehe, since we would come back to Fenchurch station in order to return home, we decided to leave it for last.

the outer walls


In the end we didn’t return, not enough time.

Lesson 1: Do not ever attempt to tour London in a day, its impossible, you will be tired, rushed, wont see enough, won’t see everything. Don’t do it. 🙂

So we skipped London Tower, walked a bit around the millenium tower pier. The view was truly fascinating, you remember the song “London bridge is falling down falling down falling down”, so I literally thought there was just one bridge, nope there are 33 bridges across the River Thames in London, each is unique and beautiful in its own way. The most prominent and iconic one being the Tower Bridge

The Tower bridge
The Tower bridge

Next thing we did was to take a cruise on the river thames.  So we took the cruise from Millenium tower to London eye, well guess how much it was? 5 pounds per person  (it should have been 17 pounds, hehe discount gotten because of the day travel card) The cruise was for about 15- 20 minutes.

going aboard
going aboard
The Tower Bridge from even farther
another bridge, Thames muddy waters

cruising the River Thames
cruising the River Thames

 Tip 1: get a day travel card, should you decide to tour, other tour services might be discounted for you, should you have this card.

Next up was the London eye, we decided to visit the London Dungeon too while we there. There’s a 4d short movie of the London experience which was quite amazing to watch, it was brief and free. Don’t miss out on the 4d  experience.

Tip 2: If you have to choose just one thing to see and experience In London, Its the London Eye.

Ah, the London eye was amazing, the wait line to get in moved really quick and oh the ride was just beautiful, just overseeing all of London was beautiful. Next time I go, it’ll be at night. I do not regret this one activity

from a distance
from a distance
atop the london eye, the river thames
the London Dungeon. Oh goodness! it was long, almost 2 hours, this does not include the wait time to buy the tickets nor the 2nd wait time to get a scheduling for the tour. I expected it to be something scary you know, like skeletons jumping out from no where and me screaming and shouting for my life. Oh no, it was a group tour, with people in costumes telling us stories that were meant to be scary. If you have a 9 year old child/cousin or younger kid, it might be interesting for them, otherwise do not waste your precious time and money on this.

Tip 3: Do not visit the London Dungeon, my opinion, See Madame Tussauds for the same price.

Tip 4: If you plan on seeing London Eye, Madame Tussauds, Sea life Aquarium or still insist on London Dungeon, even after my warning, you should buy your tickets online to save yourself queuing time.

Next place we went to was the Big ben. The Big Ben is literally about 2 minutes from the London eye no kidding, its just by the way side and quite easy to locate, even the name is alluring. If you’re visiting the London Eye, then you have to see this too. The Big Ben is at the North end of the Palace of Westminster (The Palace of Westminster is the seat of UK Parliament)

The Tower is known as Elizabeth Tower and Big ben is the great bell of the Clock
still part of the Westminster Palace
Using our day travel card, we had to use the tube to South Kensington to see the science and art museums. Both museums were free to enter, just that some specific exhibitions weren’t free. Regardless there was a lot to see for free especially for a first timer. I wrote some more regarding the Science Museum on my previous blog post, you can read it here

Time section: Science Museum London
Time section: Science Museum London

Next up was Buckingham Palace and Hyde Park. Haha I thought I might be lucky you know, and sight the Queen arriving in a car or something or accidentally meet a royal, I’ve watched too many movies in my lifetime.

Buckingham Palace
Queen Victoria Memorial
Queen Victoria Memorial

we walked from Buckingham Palace through Hyde park and to Trafalgar square. It’s a long walk, but I guess seeing other tourists makes you to forget about the distance.Trafalgar Square, well, its a small square, with people, pigeons, waterfalls. Its a significant landmark in Central London, with its name remembering the 1805 Battle of Trafalgar

Trafalgar Square
Trafalgar Square
fountain at Trafalgar square
fountain at Trafalgar square
Lion at Nelson’s column
From Trafalgar square, it was a bit difficult finding the way to Oxford street, since we had the day travel card we used that to hop on and off the buses for the rest of our trips to Oxford St and Piccadilly circus and we did just that. nah I didn’t do any shopping at Oxford St, but someone else did. We had a sneak peak at Piccadilly circus and now hunger and tiredness began creeping in and that’s how we didn’t end up seeing the Tower of London.

Oxford St
Now as to why I titled this all Hail the Queen,  I discovered that almost everywhere we visited on our tour, revolved around Buckingham Palace, around the Queen’s land. Amazing, also you know how British roads are notorious for being narrow, nah, not the roads leading to Buckingham Palace, I was like wow, and also those roads aren’t just tarred black, noo! Its amazing though, how Britain has been able to maintain its monarchy.


Fun fact: I almost got run over by a horse. In a frenzy to take pictures, I jumped right in front of it, and was immediately alerted to the horse behind me. Can you imagine that while people are being run over by ferraris and other cars, here I am in the 21st century almost being run over by a horse.

That horse there 😀
Obviously I am not yet done With London, there’s still so much to see and to do and write, but that was it about my one day tour of London.

Any London fans here? any tips on shopping, places to visit, and places to not visit do not hesitate to share.



You’ve probably guessed but yes the man in the picture was a street performer we met on our way to see the Big Ben. He was already done when I walked up to him and requestedd to take a picture to which he kindly agreed to.

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