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A Taste of Brasov: Casa Tudor

A Taste of Brasov: Casa Tudor

This was my first taste of Brasov and it was simply ingenious.

I had the privilege of dining here twice and both times were amazing. The restaurant looks good on the outside and inside. I always stayed on the first floor.

The service was good, a few waiters could speak English and I always got my meals early too.

Starter, the bread is to be had with soup.

Bread with pork

The pork was very similar to corned beef. I had this while waiting for my meal and didn’t have any soup. The only downside to the pork for me, was its saltiness.

Ribeye with ginger and boiled potatoes

Awesome meal really, the spices were a perfect blend making the taste divine. I even took a snapshot of the menu with its ingredients. I don’t have a recipe, but will still give cooking with the components a try someday.

Smoked gammon with spicy cabbage

This was good. The cabbage complemented the gammon perfectly. The gammon was a bit fatty but not salty at all. I couldn’t help feeling that this wasn’t the most healthy food, but I guess once in a while its okay for my young body to handle. Hehe.

Finally, the price was quite cheap. Each meal with a drink, cost me about 5-7 Eur (25-32 Romanian lei)

Restaurant: Casa Tudor

Address: Avram lancu 58

That’s one of Terngu’s diner logs. If you do find yourself in Brasov sometime. I recommend this place.

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