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Sunday, Sunday Special: Kashmir Indian Restaurant

Sunday, Sunday Special: Kashmir Indian Restaurant

Kashmir is probably the only Indian restaurant in the city of Debrecen, well if you know any other please do inform us 🙂

I’ve been there a few times and they are really good! oohh, I can’t wait to go India.

Whether you’re in the mood for chicken, beef, lamb, fish, they’ve got you covered and Oh yes their vegetarian dishes are also tasty. Asians make being vegetarian easy in my opinion.

Anyway, last time I was at Kashmir was a few sundays ago, and this post is kind of a tip about a secret sunday special deal that isn’t really secret.

Sunday Special Menu

Sundays: 12pm to 3pm is the golden time to go to Kashmir. They have a special meal offer, which is like almost everything on the menu (okay not true) but you get to try three different types of curry, rice, naan and an appetizer – I think it was rice pudding, I may be wrong, some type of pudding definitely. It tasted divine. They had different prices for chicken, beef, lamb (the lamb being the most expensive at around 1800ft and I think chicken about 1590ft) so basically the special menu cost about 7EUR/7USD (max)

Naan bread: I think this was just normal naan, and it was warm, oh wow!

Curry: who invented curry though, the Japanese or the Indians? One had potatoes and peas and another was just beef curry, and the other was something, really garlicky (spiced with garlic) also delicious.

I tried having the yorghurt with naan, but nah, curry with naan was way tastier.

I reserved the pudding for last. This was a lot of food, and yes eating with company is better. We had a lot of time to talk and let the food slowly go down.

I think we went for the beef menu

And for Drinks

For drinks I had Chai tea and sweet lassi.

Lassi is a popular traditional Indian drink, originating from Punjab (Northern Part of South Asia). It is basically a mixture of yoghurt, water and spices. It was refreshing indeed.

sweet lassi

The Chai tea was a lot, I also love that it was served in a kettle, which meant it remained warm for much longer. And It was served with enough sugar packets, yes! I really love tea and this was a great find. Am in for anything with milk. This is a must try for lovers of tea.


Chai tea- Indian milk tea
Chai tea- Indian milk tea

That’s it for this review, below I have written the name and address of the restaurant. I’ve been to this restaurant multiple times and have never been disappointed. If you’re in the mood for Indian and are in the Debrecen area, this is one place to visit.

Kashmir Indian Restaurant

Location: 4026 Debrecen, Péterfia utca 42-44. Entrance from Thaly Kálmán Street

And on their website, you can see their menu and opening hours.

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