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Jabi Boat Club

Jabi Boat Club


Situated in the backyard of Nera Hotel, no. 26 Alex Ekwueme way, Jabi. Jabi boat club is a nice hangout in Abuja, it has a well built wood house structure with a bar and restaurant.  The atmosphere is quite chill and it helps that its situated opposite the the lake. if you want a little beach feel, you can also get it here.

They also operate boat rides until about 6pm and it costs 2000 Naira per head.


The service is laudable, the waiters are efficient and the food is tasty and affordable. My only problem is that, I can never quite taste the alcohol in their cocktails.

I went here twice, in the early evening with family, and much later at night with a friend. My advice: Its a great place to hang out and if you want to bring kids, stick to times before 6pm. It gets more rowdy after that and since smoking is not restricted, for children, its really too stuffy.

Following are a few snaps for your viewing pleasure

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