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Diner Log: HotStone SteakHouse

Diner Log: HotStone SteakHouse

The HotStone

Eating is a basic necessity for humans, but the ways in which we eat keep evolving and some will say dining is an art.

The Chinese invented the hotpot and weeks back we stumbled across the hotstone in a fine restaurant in District V, Budapest. While many would rather have their food already cooked and ready to eat at a restaurant, the hotstone like the hotpot allows for you to cook your food by yourself, right at your table.

The hotstone is a great idea for grilling meats as some like their meat well done and others rare, not advisable if you are very very hungry, we don’t want you eating raw food. This restaurant also had a few things on the menu that didn’t require a hotstone.

All in all, the experience was great, the food was awesome, the meat didn’t take long to be well done, it was nicely marinated and the waitress urged us several times to not touch the stone to avoid being burnt. The ambience was nice, the  waiters were nice, service was professional and prompt. We’d been walking all day,  we were tired, hungry, our phones were dead, it was rainy and cold outside and inside this restaurant was haven we needed. Everything was perfect, they had charging ports (Praise God!) and the food was delicious and affordable. Our meals were in the range of 9 euros to 15 euros per person.

And here are a few pictures for your viewing pleasure.

Hotstone Steakhouse and Restaurant

Location: Oktober 6. utca 7, Budapest 1051, Around Deak Ferenc Ter

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