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Abuja Dining Experience: Blu Cabana

Abuja Dining Experience: Blu Cabana

Looking for some where classy and exciting to add some colour to your day, BluCabana is a place to try. Located on 1322, Shehu Yar’Adua Blvd, in the Mabushi district of Abuja. It redoubles as a Club, Fitness centre, Restaurant and Beauty Lounge.

I tagged along for an outing with my Aunt. Our visit this time was in the night and it was nice sitting outside, no sun to disturb and no noisy children splashing in the pool. If you’re a non smoker and can’t tolerate the smoke from nearby visitors, then sitting indoors would work better for you.

Daytime look


The place was quite busy, which might be expected for a Friday evening. The waiters were nice and quick to find us a table.


Our drinks came swiftly and we tried a few appetisers and their burger. I did not like their burger, just me in my party, so it might be my taste buds.

However, I loved my vegetarian spring rolls and the shrimp soup was awesome. Honestly the shrimps were tasty and the soup was clear, flavorful and clear tasting. Yeah I’m not sure how that combination works but it’s definitely worth checking out.

My sexy pina colada :P

Veggie spring rolls
Shrimp soup

The set up is simple and clean. It’s a family friendly place, with a swimming pool and play area for your kids. The menu is quite¬† varied and different in good way. Anyway, if you’re looking to try authentic Nigerian food, this might not be the place for you.

BluCabana is one of those places when, you’re done eating, you thank God and get motivated to work hard and have money,¬† (because it is quite pricey) so you wont miss out on the variety life has to offer.

That’s it for our review of BluCabana. Cheers!!

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