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LAGOS: First Impressions and Fun facts

LAGOS: First Impressions and Fun facts

Getting to Lagos

A few airlines fly from Abuja to Lagos, I took Arik for the first leg and peace for the 2nd leg, contrary to popular opinion, both flights left on time and arrived on time, they were both early morning flights.


I was in Ikeja, Ikorodu and Lagos island and the bustle is the same everywhere.

I stayed in Ikeja, the capital. Amazing location as it was close to the airport and not too far from the meet up point with my friends.

Ikeja mall was the meet up point with friends as it was easily acces sible to each of us. It is a big mall with plenty of shops and a a few eat in places.

The Ndubuisi park is also within walking distance from the mall.

Fela Kuti’s Kalakuta museum was also in Ikeja, so it was easy for me to go see that.

Getting Around Lagos

Uber was my go to transportation portal. I didn’t pay attention to the public transport, mostly cause I didn’t go out a lot and was going to leave after a few days.

On Traffic

The day I arrived we had to attend a wedding in Ikorodu, we estimated getting there in an hour. We stayed close to 4 hours on the road.

It was my first time at a Yoruba wedding and it was a beautiful party, Yoruba people don’t play with their music and dancing,  It was worth the long journey.

In Lagos you never wait for the traffic, plan your trip ahead of time and overcompensate for the traffic. When you plan ahead of time, then the traffic isn’t a problem at all.

Usually when you book an uber, it’ll tell you the estimated time of the journey, but just to be extra prepared, I used google maps to get an estimate and to see how congested traffic was.

Driving is also quite different from other cities. Its amazing how people can make do with such little space and crossing the 3rd mainland bridge was always a time to look forward to.

The People

Lagosians are quite open and straight forward, most people don’t have time for nonsense. I had the most mind boggling conversations with many taxi drivers.

While Lagos is predominantly christian, I remember seeing quite a lot of mosques in several areas.

Another thing that fascinated me about Lagos was the art, street art, statues. It is all really beautiful and original.

The Welcome to Lagos Statue, the three wise men.

All in all, I didn’t see up to 1/3rd of Lagos, didn’t get to go to Victoria Island, the financial hub of Lagos, still I loved it and I definitely need to visit again.

fun facts about Lagos

  • Lagos is also known in Yoruba as Èkó. Its other nicknames include Eko Akete, Lasgidi
  •  It has an Oba (traditional chief), the current chief is Rilwan Akiolu
  • The city has a population of approximately 21 million people
  •  The name Lagos is actually Portuguese and means Lakes
  • The city was once ruled by the ancient Kingdom of Benin
  • 1898, the first place in Nigeria to ever have electricity was Lagos
  • It has the tallest skyline in Nigeria
  • Nigeria’s first higher educational institute was founded here, YABATECH in 1934
  • The 3rd mainland bridge is the longest bridge in Nigeria and second longest bridge in Africa
  •  It has the first and only bus rapid transit system in Nigeria
  • Established in 1893, the Lagos Island general hospital is the oldest hospital in Nigeria
Art depiction of the 3rd mainland Bridge at the City Hall

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