bringing you the world; food and culture, one step at a time

bringing you the world; food and culture, one step at a time


Hi ya, welcome to TERNGU.

My name is Nguper,  I am  currently a full time student, part time blogger, travel lover and food lover. I am Nigerian, born in the early 90s 😉 Jesus lover and lover of people and am working hard on these everyday.

I’ve always traveled as a child, it was a reward for passing our exams, you could either go to the village to see grandma or to the big city to see an Uncle or an Aunt. I started to take travel seriously only about 3 years ago, when I had the opportunity to travel with AIESEC to China. Before then, I was so narrow minded and set on my ideals. That Journey changed my thinking in so many good ways.

I finally decided to start this blog to share my memories and experience from that one trip and several other trips I’ve been inspired to take since then, and also share stuff I’ve learned related to my travels. I hope I can inspire at least one person to invest in themselves through traveling. I have no best or favorite city, it would be unfair to all the other places I am yet to visit. I was born and brought up in Nigeria, I’ve been to Togo, Benin Republic, England, Germany, The Netherlands, Austria, Romania, Finland, Japan, China and I currently live in Hungary. I haven’t traveled a lot, haha, but its a start, so stay tuned and Enjoy!


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